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LWL Symposium

October 24th, 2019

You may look forward to our second fiber optics symposium in Olching/Munich! On October 24, 2019, LASER COMPONENTS will be dominated by fiber optic technology. Recognized specialists will make presentations on the latest trends and developments.

Customized Fiber Bundles

For High Power Applications up to 1 GW/cm²

LASER COMPONENTS now also offers fiber bundles for high-power applications and demanding environments. The bundles are configured adhesive-free so that the damage threshold can be fully utilized.

Don’t Care! Be Square!

FLEXPOINT MVsquare Line Laser Module

Thanks to its square casing, the FLEXPOINT MVsquare can be installed into machine vision sensor system without further adjustments. We already aligned focus and beam position according to your specifications.

For your Health

High Power Optics for Daily Use

Dermatologists use lasers for skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, vascular treatment, resection, ablation and blood clotting. We offer high quality optics from 248 nm to 3000 nm tailor-made for your application.

Ball Lenses and End Caps

Expansion of Fiber Optics Technology

Upon request, we form fiber tips into ball lenses or attach end caps to your fiber. Both kinds of fiber tips meet medical hygiene standards and can be equipped with AR coatings.

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