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PIN Photodiodes

IG22X250T7 IG22X250T7
InGaAs Photodiodes 500 - 2600 nm

IR photodiodes with an emphasis on quantum efficiency: LASER COMPONENTS develops and manufactures photodiodes in the spectral range of up to 2600 nm.

IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm
InAs 900 - 3500 nm

The IA35 series photodiodes based on heterostructures were specially designed for operation at room temperature.

InGaAs PIN Receiver with Fiber Connection

1100 nm – 1700 nm. Broad range of InGaAs PIN receivers with fiber connection or optical connector.

Si-/Ge-/InGaAs- Photodiodes and APDs with Fiber Connection

400 nm – 2,100 nm. PD-LD, Inc. offers a broad range of photodiodes and APDs with fiber connection or optical receptacle.

High Speed Si-PIN Receiver

High-Speed Photoreceivers for Optical High-Speed Measurements.

Detection from 320-1000 nm

Silicon-PIN Photodiodes 200 - 1100 nm

Sensitivity range 200 - 1100 nm, many specials and customer specific solutions possible.

Quad Cell Silicon Photodiode Quad Cell Silicon Photodiode
Silicon-Differential and Quadrant Diodes

Thanks to the small areas of the individual segments differential diodes are well suited for high resolution and fast position measurements.

One dimensional Si-Photodiode-Arrays

One dimensional silicon detector arrays with 12 single elements. Custom variants also available upon request.

SIC Photodiode SIC Photodiode
SiC Photodiodes (200 - 400 nm)

SiC diodes are stable UV photodiodes with many advantages for this spectral range.

SIC Photodiode SIC Photodiode
SiC Hybrid Photodiodes (200 - 400 nm)

SiC hybrid photodiodes combine SiC UV-sensitive technology with a built-in transimpedance amplifier for very low light.

High Quantum Efficiency Photodiodes

These photodiodes offer a particularly high quantum efficiency of typically 99.5%. They are mainly used in research institutions.

Ethernet Transmitters / Receiver

Quick and easy Ethernet upgrade with single mode lines.

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X-ray Detectors

Silicon photodiodes and arrays with scintillators for X-ray applications in medical technology.

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