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InAs Photodiodes

The InAs photodiodes produced by Laser Components are particularly interesting for the range from 900 nm to 3500 nm. They are a spectral addition to extended InGaAs photodiodes.

IA35 Series

InAs 900 - 3500 nm

The IA35 series photodiodes based on heterostructures were specially designed for operation at room temperature.

InAs Photodiodes

The IA35 series is a spectral addition to the IG26 series of extended InGaAs photodiodes. IA35 detectors are photovoltaic, and the active area has a diameter of 500 µm.

IA35S500S4i is a high-quality yet affordable component. Compared to InAs products by traditional manufacturers of IR detectors, it offers double shunt resistance at a simultaneously quadrupled area.

Main Applications:

  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Laser monitoring
  • Spectrophotometer

Key Features:

  • Peak sensitivity: ≥1.05 A/W
  • Typical spectral range at 80% of peak sensitivity: approx. 900 nm to approx. 3500 nm
  • Shunt resistance: typically 700 ohms

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