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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Customizations are our standard.

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Many different optical fibers are assembled in our fiber optics production facility for use in laser technology as well as medical, illumination, and communication applications.

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Fiber Optic Assemblies

Based on the needs of our customers for more flexibility and faster availability we began developing and manufacturing assembled fiber optics in 1995. Since that time, the range of available fiber/connector combinations has grown steadily, and a large volume production has ensued.

Our specialty is the assembly and processing of large-core fibers, such as those used in sensor technology, spectroscopy, and medical technology. Customizations are our standard. Our development engineers work hand in hand with the productionw team in order to accomplish complex tasks.

Polishing methods from optical precision technology ensure the highest quality; this has been confirmed by reputable customers worldwide. In addition to various measurement and testing equipment for the assessment of output power, optical parameters, end faces, and stability, an in-house laser laboratory is also available.

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Our Fields of Work

Beyond Borders

Coated Fibers

Fiber tips with AR coatings reduce coupling losses. At LASER COMPONENTS GmbH different coatings can be applied, for example:

  • Single AR coatings for a single wavelength (e.g. 808 nm)
  • Dual AR coatings for two wavelengths (e.g. 808 nm and 980 nm)
  • Broadband AR coatings for a wavelength range (e.g. 460-700 nm)

Laser Power Transmission

One of our core competencies is the manufacturing of fiber optic assemblies for laser power transmission. This field is dominated by SMA and D80 connectors, as well as custom coupler designs with large-core fibers (Øcore: 100-1000 µm). We manufacture free-standing SMA connectors with centricities of the free-standing fiber of <5 µm.

There are many different combinations of connectors, cables, and cladding/jacket options available; for example, if you require high heat conductivity, we select copper ferrules. To achieve maximum transmission capacity, we equip patch cords with an AR coating in house. To remove unwanted cladding modes, we offer our mode-strip technology, which was developed by us in house for new applications in high-power transmission with single fibers.


Sensor Technology

The triumph of miniaturization and flexibility in sensor technology requires new solutions in light transmission via optical fibers. In collaboration with our customers, we are able to expand the limits of possibility.


Medical Technology

We also manufacture assemblies for medical applications and are certified via our management system according to ISO 13485. In a state-of-the-art cleanroom environment, we develop and manufacture medical fiber assemblies for applications in surgery, dentistry, dermatology, lithotripsy, tattoo removal, and magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to traditional large-core fibers, polarization-maintaining (PM), single-mode, and multi-core fibers are also manufactured, which can be processed and assembled with all connector types.



Flexible fiber technology is also required in spectroscopy – either as single-fiber transmission or as a fiber bundle. The wavelength spectrum varies widely and extends from the infrared range to the deep UV range. Hollow-core fibers for CO2 and Er-YAG applications (10.6 µm and 2.95 µm) are also available.


Industrial Applications

Fibers are increasingly being used in industry for data transmission, control, and light transmission. In addition to glass fibers, plastic optical fibers (POFs) are also in demand.


Fiber-Optic Developments

Our development and production teams at LASER COMPONENTS work hand in hand. We combine knowledge gained in the areas of electronics and laser technology with technical know-how in mechanics, housing technology, and fiber-optic connection and component technology. This allows us to respond quickly to customer needs regarding the design, development, and production of submodules and modules and to also find solutions for complex requests and projects.

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