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Laser Components Detector Group, Inc.

In the Center of the US Semiconductor Industry

Light detection at all wavelengths is or business. At the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group, we are achieving this with detectors structures from different materials that are capable of detecting light of intensity as a low as a single photon or at wavelengths way beyond the sensitivity of the human eye. When the company was established in 2004, the focus was on the development of avalanche photodiodes. By now, we provide the LASER COMPONENTS Group with a wide range of photodetector components extending from Silicon and InGaAs APDs to InGaAs PIN, PbS, PbSe, and pyroelectric detectors 

Located in the city of Chandler, AZ, the Detector Group has always profited from the buzzling and inspiring atmosphere of this region. Arizona is a hotbed of the US semiconductor industry. In addition to all the semiconductor fabs that were already present in the area, multiple new facilities were being built in the 2010s and 2020s. This development has accelerated the growth of the entire supply chain and eco-system associated with supporting the semiconductor industry, most of which is also applicable to manufacturing detectors. Like the entire industry, we profit from the key benefits of a business-friendly state and local government, availability of a trained and educated workforce, and access to renowned optics and semiconductor research facilities at leading state universities. 

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The Detector Market

Beyond Borders

The detector market is a dynamic and expansive arena, characterized by its diversity and rapid growth. Detectors play a pivotal role in modern technology. You can find them in a large spectrum of applications, from everyday conveniences like automatic door sensors to high-stakes systems deployed in satellites and medical devices. It is their profound impact on human safety and security that sets them apart from other electronic components. They are decisive in life-saving medical equipment. They protect you from emergency situations when used in fire, flame, and gas detection systems, and support national security in modern defense systems. 

In the diverse world of sensor technologies, we focus on several key segments: 

Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are in high demand in two fast growing markets: defense and photon counting. In the first, they play a vital role in secure communications and missile guidance. As part of single photon counters, they are critical in trend-setting technologies such as quantum detection and satellite-based sensing.  

InGaAs photodiode sensors are renowned for their detection capabilities in the NIR range. Recent advancements in sensitivity open up additional applications in spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging, and medical diagnostics. In addition to this, expanding markets like aerospace, defense and telecommunications could trigger further innovation. 

PbS and PbSe detectors are known for their good price-performance-ratio and their ability to deliver high sensitivity and reliability at room temperatures and without cooling. They are most commonly used in gas analysis, temperature measurement, and thermal imaging. This detector type is experiencing significant growth due to increasing demand in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and healthcare.  

Pyroelectric detectors are utilizing crystals to detect temperature changes. They find applications in home security, pollution monitoring, and more. Market growth in this sector is driven by the rise of smart home devices and medical equipment. 

Our products are distributed all across the globe and end customers value our capability to customize detector solutions to their specific needs. We are able to support them with turnkey solutions for both low and high volume needs and offer them the flexibility and freedom to choose their design and volume – with both industry-leading product quality and lead-times. 

Our Team

A skilled team with a sense of family

At the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group, we are proud of our multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary team and profit from their experiences in a variety of industries. It all starts with a world-class engineering and R&D team of physicists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and material scientists to plan and design our products. Highly skilled production, test, and quality teams make sure that we always provide industry-leading product quality and lead-times. To keep everything under control, our customer-focused product managers oversee all technical and commercial aspects for each product line. 

Our newly built company facilities set us apart from other companies in the area. This dynamic working environment was meticulously designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and seamless communication. But it is not just about work; it is about family. We want to nurture a sense of belonging and pride in being part of the LASER COMPONENTS family.  

Dr. Raj Chakraborty, General Manager

Dr. Raj Chakraborty has been with the LASER COMPONENTS DETECTOR GROUP since 2018. In his capacity as General Manager, he has been managing the strategic initiatives of the company and has expanded the core competencies of the team along with the headcount from 27 to 44 employees. Raj has over 27 years of experience serving in senior management roles for Fortune 500 semiconductor companies managing engineering and production teams up to 150 people with business unit CapEx and revenue of $1B and $200M respectively. In his spare time, Raj loves to travel, read, play soccer, and above all spend time with his wife and two daughters.

Brian Schultz
Production Manager

Brian has been with the Laser Components family since 2007. Starting as an Assembly Operator, he moved up the ranks to Assembly Supervisor and then Test Supervisor. Developing new assemblies and leading the production team, Brian has played an important part in the Detector Group’s success story from a start-up to the company it is today. Brian is in charge of developing and managing a team of 16+ operators and supervisors, as well as conducting ESD and safety trainings. Brian moved to the Valley from Montana. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, Basketball, and spending time with his wife and three children. 

Steffen Kronberg
Finance Manager 

Joining the Detector Group in 2022, Steffen is familiar with both German and US management styles. Serving CFO & Secretary for the US subsidiary of a German sensor company, he was responsible for all their financial topics from month-end closing, target/budget deviation analysis to quarterly budget and forecast submission to HQ for P&L and balance sheet. over the last 20 years, he gained work experience in several finance positions working for leading electronics and semiconductor companies. Steffen holds an industrial engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg, Germany. 

Dr. Richard Kim
R&D Director

Dr. Richard Kim joined the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group in 2023 from California, where he was responsible for leading innovations in Silicon UV detectors, Lead Salts, III-V InAsSb, InAs/GaSb T2SL MWIR detectors and MWIR ICLEDs. Earlier in his career, he focused on path finding research efforts in the areas of photonic integrated waveguide circuits based on Si and III-V materials, LiNbO3 electro-optic modulators/switches, solar cells etc. He holds tens of US/Korea patents and has published over 60 papers in various conferences and journals. 

Pam Evans
Quality Manager 

Pamela joined LASER COMPONENTS in 2023 and brings 20+ years of low and high volume manufacturing experience, with an overall focus on management in quality, production, and supply chain. She is an Arizona native and has four kids, four dogs, and a cockatiel. When she is not working on home projects, she enjoys hiking, exploring new sites, and watching movies. 

Our products

IAG080S5 IAG080S5
1100 - 1700 nm

Best efficiency thanks to excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

The IAG series avalanche photodiodes feature a particularly good signal-to-noise ratio and support an amplification of more than 30. The inexpensive IAL series is made for consumer products.
H1 Receiver H1 Receiver
APD Receivers

APDs with matched, integrated pre-amplifier in compact hermetic packages.

All receivers are available with Si or InGaAs APDs.
SAT3000E1 Avalanche Photodiodes at 1064 nm SAT3000E1 Avalanche Photodiodes at 1064 nm
Avalanche Photodiodes at 1064 nm

Nd:YAG Enhanced APDs

Si Avalanche Photodiodes

SAPDs are suitable for the spectral range from 260 nm to 1100 nm.

Silicon avalanche photodiodes are used in the wavelength range from the UV to the near infrared. LASER COMPONENTS manufactures different series: highest quality for demanding systems, over customized version to components made for consumer products. 
SAH1L16-012LCC44 SAH1L16-012LCC44
Silicon APD Arrays

APD-arrays are now available from LASER COMPONENTS, enabling new applications in LIDAR and ACC.

SAP500T6 SAP500T6
Silicon APDs for Photon Counting

APD with excellent quantum efficiency made for photon counting.

The SAP-series silicon avalanche photodiodes are primarily used in photon counting. This series features highest efficiency and lowest dark current rates.
SAV300T8 SAV300T8
Silicon APDs, UV sensitive

These APDs have a high sensitivity in the DUV/UV wavelength range.

The detector was developed specifically for (bio)medical applications in which the smallest signals in the short-wave UV/blue spectral range have to be detected.
IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm
InAs 900 - 3500 nm

The IA35 series photodiodes based on heterostructures were specially designed for operation at room temperature.

IG22X250T7 IG22X250T7
InGaAs Photodiodes 500 - 2600 nm

IR photodiodes with an emphasis on quantum efficiency: LASER COMPONENTS develops and manufactures photodiodes in the spectral range of up to 2600 nm.

PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S
PbS Detectors

PbS Detectors detect infrared radiation in the wavelength range between 1 µm and 3.3 µm.

Polycrystalline lead sulfide detectors
PbSe lead selenide infrared detector PB55S1010T2S8L PbSe lead selenide infrared detector PB55S1010T2S8L
PbSe Detectors

Polycrystalline lead selenide (PbSe) is a standard semiconductor detector with a sensitivity of between 1 µm and 5.2 µm.

55+ Series: IR Components for 5Hz / 5µm

A perfect match: The ideal emissivity of Infrasolid emitters complement the high dynamic range and low noise of our custom-made pyrodetectors – complete with selected filter and other accessories.

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