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Custom Specific Modules

No two modules are the same - all laser modules are manufactured in Germany, most of them to customer specifications.

Laser Modules

Our Inhouse Production Our Inhouse Production

Laser modules have been manufactured at our Olching facilities since 2010. Whether ordering single pieces, small series, or large series with thousands of pieces, each individual request is processed reliably.

No Two Modules Are the Same
Our specialty is the production of customer-specific laser modules. You can select from many options. Some examples include the following:

  • Wavelength
  • Beam profile
  • Power
  • Housing and the shape of the module
  • Connection
  • Power distribution

Together we will find the optimal solution for your application. And at prices that will prove to be a pleasant surprise.

Why use a FLEXPOINT® Laser Module?

Because these modules are quite simply the best!


By manufacturing the FLEXPOINT® modules in Germany, we can offer lasers of the highest quality. 

Electrically isolated housing:

All modules have an isolated housing. That is to say, the operating voltage is not connected to the housing. This guarantees an unproblematic (electrical) assembly of your system.

Reverse voltage protection:

All modules are protected against an inversion of + and -.


In the FLEXPOINT® modules we only use electronic circuits that are developed by our own engineers and not mass-produced somewhere in the Far East in. Each circuit contains a safety feature to protect against surges and voltage peaks.

Laser safety, CE, RoHs:

All FLEXPOINT® modules are CE certified and conform to RoHs regulations. The laser class of each module is specified according to DIN EN 60825-1. Our product engineers will be more than happy to advise you on laser safety regulations.

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Welcome to LASER COMPONENTS UK Ltd., your expert for photonics components. Each product in our wide range of detectors, laser diodes, laser modules, optics, fiber optics, and more is worth every Pound (£/GBP). Our customized solutions cover all conceivable areas of application: from sensor technology to medical technology. You can reach us here:

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United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1245 491 499
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Laser Components

Goldlay House, 114 Parkway
Chelmsford Essex CM2 7PR
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1245 491 499

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