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Polarization Optics

Brewster Plates

Brewster plates are used to separate s- and p-polarized light.

Brewster plates have a rectangular shape and are inserted at a specific angle of incidence to the laser beam. Light that is polarized parallel to the plane of incidence/reflection is completely transmitted at Brewster’s angle, whereas about 50 % of s-polarized light is transmitted.
Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes

Cube polarizers for easy alignment. As Glan Taylor / Glan Laser polarizers for extremely high extinction ratios.

With beam splitter cubes, single wavelengths or small wavelength ranges can be split extremely efficiently at a very reasonable price. In general, two different types of polarization optics are used: Polarisation as a result of a coating and as a result of birefringency.
Phase-shifting Mirrors

Phase shift mirrors on silicon or copper substrates are used to produce circular polarization.

Retardation Plates

Waveplates are used to rotate the polarization.

Thin Film Polarizers

Thin film Polarizers and broadband polarizers to separate polarization.

Thin film polarizers are used for polarization separation. They are particularly well suited for high laser powers and UV wavelengths. Broadband plate polarizers with low dispersions are mainly used in systems that cover a wide wavelength range - for example, in Ti:sapphire fs lasers.
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