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IR Detectors

IG22X250T7 IG22X250T7
InGaAs Photodiodes 500 - 2600 nm

IR photodiodes with an emphasis on quantum efficiency: LASER COMPONENTS develops and manufactures photodiodes in the spectral range of up to 2600 nm.

IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm IA35 Series InAs 900 - 3500 nm
InAs 900 - 3500 nm

The IA35 series photodiodes based on heterostructures were specially designed for operation at room temperature.

PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S
PbS Detectors

PbS Detectors detect infrared radiation in the wavelength range between 1 µm and 3.3 µm.

Polycrystalline lead sulfide detectors
PbSe lead selenide infrared detector PB55S1010T2S8L PbSe lead selenide infrared detector PB55S1010T2S8L
PbSe Detectors

Polycrystalline lead selenide (PbSe) is a standard semiconductor detector with a sensitivity of between 1 µm and 5.2 µm.

Differential Pyroelectric Detector Differential Pyroelectric Detector
Differential Pyroelectric Detector

Pyroelectric crystals generate positive and negative charge carriers simultaneously on opposing sides. The LD21xx series is the first series in which both crystal sides are amplified separately.

Single Channel Current Mode Pyroelectric Detector Single Channel Current Mode Pyroelectric Detector
One-Channel LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Detector

Single channel pyroelectric detectors made of LiTaO3 are available for current mode (CM). They are used for gas detection and flame detection.

Multi channel pyroelectric detectors Multi channel pyroelectric detectors
Multi-channel LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Detectors

Multi-channel pyrodetectors: dual-channel, triple-channel and quad-channel versions are available.

LT0102X-k2 LT0102X-k2
Pyroelectric DLaTGS Detectors

DLaTGS detectors exhibit the most effective pyroelectric effect known. Their major application is FTIR.

DLaTGS = Deuterated Lanthanum α Alanine doped TriGlycine Sulphate 
ALUT3151X1300-k2 ALUT3151X1300-k2
Advanced LTO Infrared Detectors

Advanced single channel voltage mode detectors for FTIR instruments.

Excellent linearity and fast response to IR flux change.
55+ Series: IR Components for 5Hz / 5µm

A perfect match: The ideal emissivity of Infrasolid emitters complement the high dynamic range and low noise of our custom-made pyrodetectors – complete with selected filter and other accessories.

PR N°1 THz, Pyro Receiver, THz PR N°1 THz, Pyro Receiver, THz
Pyroelectric Receiver No1

Compact and universal receivers with high quality electronics for the LWIR and THz range.

Uncooled device made for THz detection or spectroscopic applications in FTIR instruments.
Choice of Filters for Pyroelectric Detectors

An IR filter makes all the difference. Thermal detectors are naturally polychromatic, and a filter is needed to detect specific gases/wavelengths.

Digital Dual Thermopile ST60 Digital Dual Thermopile ST60
Miniature Thermopiles

The best D* in thermopiles is achieved with this arrangement.

Our IR Detectors

Panchromatic, photoconductive and thermal detectors

InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

Modern InGaAs PIN photodiodes are panchromatic and convert broadband light to photocurrents in the Vis-NIR range. Concretely speaking, this means a sensitivity range from 500 nm to 1700 nm for regular InGaAs and – in increments – up to 2600 nm for extended InGaAs. Variations for data transmission are not panchromatic.


PbS and PbSe Detectors

PbS is a standard SWIR semiconductor detector (1 - 3.3 µm) whereas PbSe is used in the MWIR range (1 - 4.7 µm when uncooled; up to 5.2 µm when cooled). Our lead salt detectors are photoconductive; the detector resistance is reduced during illumination. The crystal structure is polycrystalline and is produced via chemical deposition.

Pyroelectric IR Detectors

A pyroelectric IR detector is a thermal detector in that it responds to the change in heat (IR) absorbed on its surface. Thermal detectors are polychromatic with a very wide spectral bandwidth.

The nature of the pyroelectric effect is that in a highly-ordered crystal (or ceramic), a temperature change in the element causes its atoms to move slightly out of position. This rearranges its electrical charge, which is measured in the electrodes on its surface.

The pyroelectric effect is found in many materials.  The most commonly-used materials are deuterated lanthanum α alanine-doped triglycine sulfate (DLaTGS) and lithium tantalate (LTO).

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Multi channel pyroelectric detectors Multi channel pyroelectric detectors

Tip 2

Different IR Technologies Give our customers the freedom  to choose the best Detector for their Application.

We have implemented different technologies in our IR detectors making it possible for our customers to always find an ideal solution. Depending on the application, one technology may be more ideal than the other. LASER COMPONENTS not only offers high quality components, but also profound technical expertise and individual assistance. This is a rare trait amongst custom manufacturers, of which we are immensely proud.

PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S PbS lead selenide infrared detector PB25S30309S

Tip 1

Ask for  Customized IR Detectors That perfectly meet your needs.

When it comes to (x-)InGaAs or InAs PIN photodiodes, customers can choose from different package styles, cooling features and customized designs. Custom filters are key for pyroelectric detectors to detect the right material.

What is Your Challenge?

Beyond Borders

What Kind of Customized Detector do you need to design innovative products for the future? 
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LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group, Inc.

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