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Cost Effective Solution for Avalanche Photodiodes


We have been manufacturing APDs since 2004, and now include our new range of inexpensive Si APDs in an SMD package. These APDs are optimised for wavelength ranges between 400 nm - 1100 nm with dimensions 3.1 mm x 1.8 mm x 1 mm. Responsivity is optimised for 905 nm pulsed laser diodes.

The SAH series is based on epitaxial structure with short rise times from 250 ps - 300 ps and are available in active area diameters of 230 µm and 500 µm. These APDs feature extremely low noise and high quantum efficiency. With a large multiplication gain and wide operating temperature range, these APDs are particularly used for optical communication system, speed measurement, laser radar guns, and security scanners, as well as for use in test and measurement systems in industry and medicine.


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Si Avalanche Photodiodes

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Company:    LASER COMPONENTS (UK) Ltd.
Address:    Goldlay House 114 Parkway
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Low-Cost Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes - SAH-Series

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