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Beam Profile Measurement Devices

Beam geometry is of crucial importance for many applications. Powerful measuring devices are used to determine all important parameters such as M², spot size, focus position, etc.


BWA-MON Beam Analyzer

The BWA-MON beam analysis system allows for real time monitoring of all beam parameters in high-performance lasers.

Beam Profile Measurement Devices

The BWA-MON by Haas Laser Technologies uses a decoupled beam for continuous real-time monitoring. Thus, the beam waist of high-power lasers can be measured during operation and the laser can be characterized in real time (M², spot size, focus position,...). The measuring principle supports several complete measurements per second, so that the formation of a thermal lens can be recognized immediately – naturally, the same applies to other time-dependent effects such as mode hopping. In addition to this, real-time monitoring also simplifies the laser alignment procedure.

The system design allows ISO 11146 and ISO 13694 compliant measurement of the laser parameters without moving parts, which guarantees a high reproducibility of the measurement process. Due to its modular design, the BWA-MON can be adapted to the specific requirements of any application.

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