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Laser Diode Accessories

We offer drive electronics for the easy operation of all types of laser diodes. Collimators made of glass or plastic are used to produce the most precise beam profile possible from the emitting laser diode.

Laser diode driver LSP40
Laser diode driver on a PCB

Driver Modules and Electronics for the Operation of Pulsed Laser Diodes

Plug-and-play driver boards for safe operation of pulsed laser diodes (PLDs)

Laser Diode Accessories

PLD drivers facilitate the easy and reliable operation of pulsed laser diodes.

Two Types

The LSP40 series compact driver modules have encapsulated electronics with only the connection pins sticking out. For these modules so-called evaluation boards are available which make operation possible even without any knowledge or experience in working with electronics.

The LDP-V series is a driver PCB that is simply connected to the pulsed laser diode. An appropriate interface is available to control the driver board.

LASER COMPONENTS‘ LSP40 series is an inexpensive plug & play driver module used to accurately control pulsed laser diodes (PLDs). With just two resistors the user is able to regulate both the operating current (and thus the laser power) and the pulse length. All the module requires is an operating voltage of +12 V DC and an external trigger signal.

Evaluation Board

Also available is an evaluation board. Equipped with two potentiometers, both the pulse power and the pulse length can be regulated.

The new LDP-V series provides many possibilities for the secure operation of pulsed laser diodes at different power levels and ns pulses.

The very small and inexpensive pulse sources have been optimized for repetition rates from a single pulse to the MHz range. Only the duty cycle of the applied pulsed laser diode needs to be taken into account. The different TO housings available for PLDs can be connected to the PCB without a problem. The unit is thus very easy to operate. It only requires a supply voltage of +12-15 V and a trigger signal. External components such as, for example, control interfaces are not necessary. Thanks to the driver modules, pulsed laser diodes can be operated as easily as their cw counterparts.

The combination of PLDs and driver modules can be found in optical measurement (LIDAR, laser guns, scanners), in optical data scanning (barcode scanners), and in medical technology.

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