Field Equipment

OTDR measurements are an important method for certifying fiber optic access networks.
Optical spectrum analyzers ensure an optimum signa-noise ratio in your WDM transport and access networks.
Optical attenuation meters for singlemode (SM) and multimode (MM) optical fibers, MPO/MTP multi-fiber connectors, HCS/POF and PON/FTTx applications.
OLS7 Laser Source OLS7 Laser Source
LED and laser light sources for precise fiber optic power measurements in single-mode and multimode fiber optic networks.
Optical Power Meter OPM-510 Optical Power Meter OPM-510
Power meters for telecommunications, CATV and GPON networks as well as for numerous other types of networks and cables.
MAP-2100 - BER and Ethernet Remote Testing MAP-2100 - BER and Ethernet Remote Testing
Portable meters provide pass/fail analyses for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks in fiber optic and copper networks.
A cloud-based software enables tests and analyses for network management, network monitoring, maintenance and updates.
Fiber Trainer Fiber Trainer
Fiber testers for fault detection, troubleshooting in data traffic, installation, maintenance and upgrade.
INX 760 Probe Microscope INX 760 Probe Microscope
Connector microscopes provide fast and reliable pass/fail analyses in accordance with IEC 61300-0-35.
Equipment for fiber optic field measuring devices: fiber optic telephones, attenuators, launch fibers, trailing fibers, reference cables.

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Discover micro kinks, bad splices, faulty connectors.

In the field, installers and technicians need numerous fiber optic measuring devices to test critical components on site after installation. Fiber optic measuring devices for field applications are used to detect micro kinks, poor splices, and dirty or damaged connectors, all of which can affect network performance in the medium term.  

In this category, you will find compact, robust, and easy-to-use handheld solutions for all field measurements: from optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) for certifying fiber optic access networks to optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) for WDM networks and dispersion meters to optical attenuation meters and connector microscopes. Of course, we also have suitable software solutions and accessories available. 

FTTH installation

Measurement and Field Devices for FTTH Installation

For the expansion of broadband FTTH structures, you need setup boxes and measurement equipment that are specially optimized for fiber optic networks and data transmission.

Broadband deployment is advancing rapidly: Recent years have seen record growth in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections, and experts expect the pace to increase even further.

To provide consumers with gigabit Internet and other high-speed services, providers are deploying optical cables deep into the network and with every step fiber is coming closer to the home. More and more providers also offer to install complete FTTH solutions. By doing so, they aim to meet the growing demand and reach new customers. The standards of the Passive Optical Networks (PON) of FTTH environments are also constantly evolving to meet ever increasing capacity requirements. As a result, services are currently migrating from G-PON (gigabit PON) to XGS PON (symmetric 10-gigabit PON), while providers are already targeting NG-PON2. Since all these services coexist on the same network, fiber and network testing play extremely important roles.

MTS 4000
Handheld Tester MTS-4000

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