Modular FO Test Platform for Research and Development

Modular Fiber Optic Measurement Platforms

The platforms facilitate the individual design of complex measurement systems for fiber optic technology.

O2EBlade – Modules for Optical/Electrical Conversion

Optical/electrical converters with a large bandwidth and in various configurations are available for the O2EBlade modules of the MTP platform.

SwitchBlade – Modular Optical Switches

SwitchBlade modules, for example, for the automation of time-saving test processes via remote control in complete systems.

LaserBlade Laser Modules

LaserBlade modules contain tunable continuous-wave (CW) lasers with high power levels and small line widths.

VOABlade Modules for Attenuators

VOABlade modules for the MTP platform are reliable, fast attenuators with a high packing density for R&D and production environments.

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Add your own assemblies to the multifunctional modules as required. 

With various plug-in options, Quantifi Photonics’ modular test platform combines flexibility and precision when testing optical fibers in research, development, and production. The multifunctional modules include tunable lasers for precise measurements in the C- and/or L-band, attenuators, power meters, and power monitors for in-line power measurement. These plug-in modules are also available as stand-alone models in the MATRIQ series.

Additional empty slots allow you to integrate any number of passive elements and your own assemblies to further improve the accuracy of your measurement results. Our experts will be happy to provide you with help and advice and support you in configuring your individual measurement system. 

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