MAP – Modular Test and Measurement Platform for Labs

MAP-220C Compact Modular Chassis

MAP-220C platform with compact housing.

MAP Light Sources and EDFAs

Light sources and amplifiers for the MAP system: broadband sources, LED sources, Fabry Perot lasers, tunable DBR lasers, and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers

MAP Power and Loss Analyzer

To measure the power and loss in optical fibers, the MAP system offers modules for power measurement and return loss; attenuators and back reflectors are also available.

MAP Spectral Measurement Instruments

Spectral measuring units for the MAP system: "swept wavelength" test system, tunable filters, multi-wavelength detectors, OSAs

MAP200 MAP200
MAP Optical Switches

Optical switches for the MAP system, which supports all switching operations regardless of data rate and transmission format.

MAP Polarization Controller

Precisely adjust for any polarization state using the mPCS, the polarization controller for the MAP system

MAP-Utility MAP-Utility
MAP Utility

The MAP Utility (mUTL) is a module used to easily integrate passive optical components in test assemblies

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Assemble your laboratory measuring system according to your requirements.

The modular multiple application platform (MAP) was developed by VIAVI for a wide range of fiber optic measurement tasks in the laboratory and in manufacturing. With their numerous slot options, the base units offer space for light sources, filters, optical switches, and other modules, resulting in a measuring device that is optimally matched to your requirements.

Numerous other modules are also available, such as broadband light sources, DBR lasers, and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, as well as power measurement, return loss, and spectral measuring devices. This also includes optical switches for various data rates and formats and polarization controllers (mPCS) for precise polarization matching. Talk to our experts, and together we will create your individual measuring system. 

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