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Laser Components Canada, Inc.

Making PLDs in Canada

LASER COMPONENTS Canada supplies Pulsed Laser Diodes to all the companies of the LASER COMPONENTS Group. Based in Quebec close to the metropolis of Montreal, we have always profited from the strong technological knowledge in this area – starting with its “founding fathers” Paul Rainbow, Jeff Britton, and Jean-François Boucher. The strategic location in a safe, affordable country with a large pool of talents and workers still fuels our growth and success. 

Established in 2003 from almost nothing but know-how and ambitious goals, our company has been growing ever since. After just three years, LASER COMPONENTS Canada turned profitable, and soon after that we were able to start high volume production. Today, some 50,000 components leave the factory each year and we already have plans for further growth. Our revised new product strategy includes an extended range of laser-based technologies as well as plans for major modernization of building, production area and infrastructure. Continuous change is the best way to stay at the top of an innovation-driven and competitive market such as ours.

A challenging market with high demands

Beyond Borders

Pulsed Laser Diodes (PLD) represent a very distinct niche market within the broader landscape of laser technology. The most common applications our products are scanners and range finding, which are used in such different fields as law enforcement (speed control), industrial automation (security scanners), defense, leisure (golf, hunting), and medical (Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT). Automotive LiDAR for autonomous driving most certainly is the market with the highest growth potential, and a perspective to create a demand for high quantities but there still is strong competition from other technologies. It is therefore crucial to drive innovation forward and make LiDAR the preferred solution in this segment. We are looking at a competitive situation that holds both opportunities and challenges for the future. Overall, trends like increasing automation and the changing geopolitical landscape are likely to trigger further growth. 

Long-established markets such as leisure and some industrial applications are saturated and mostly follow cost calculations. On the other hand, we are dealing with high-tech industries like defense, aerospace, and automotive that are known for their strict quality requirements. At LASER COMPONENTS Canada, we serve both markets with their respective components –mass-produced low-cost components as well as sophisticated tailor-made PLDs that meet the unique demands of specialized applications. With continuing investments in research and development, we are always on the forefront of technological innovation and actively shape the future of LiDAR technology. 

In conclusion, the PLD market represents a small yet dynamic segment of the laser technology landscape, catering to a diverse range of specialized applications across industries. While facing uncertainties and challenges, the market holds significant growth potential driven by trends such as automation, geopolitical considerations, and technological advancements. By embracing innovation, customization, and strategic partnerships, PLD manufacturers can position themselves for success in this evolving market landscape. 

Our focus on customer-driven development also allows us to remain competitive in a market that is dominated by a few big European manufacturers and increasing pressure from Asia. Our close cooperation with the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group is another key to our success. Together, we are able to offer perfectly tuned and aligned emitter-detector packages, while most of our competitors only focus on one of the pair. 

Our Team

Innovation Meets Expertise

Our experienced and mature production team is at the core of our success and delivers the high-quality products we are known for at an outstanding level of efficiency. Our reputation as an innovation-driven company is earned by the high number of dedicated staff members in research and development. About one third of our workforce is constantly working on new technologies and solutions. Thanks to close cooperations with local universities and research institutions they are always at the forefront of current developments. In charge of the overall vision and strategy, you find a management team with a strong technological background and a profound knowledge of the market and its specific characteristics. Altogether, our skilled staff collaborate synergistically across various departments to fuel the company's progress and reinforce our reputation for delivering top-tier products. 

Our products

FAC Package FAC Package
Pulsed Laser Diodes at 1550 nm

Pulsed laser diodes at 1550 nm up to 40 W

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Fiber Pigtail Package Fiber Pigtail Package
Pulsed Laser Diodes with Fiber Pigtail

Fiber pigtailed pulsed laser diodes. 905 nm and 1550 nm versions available.

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Pulsed Laser Diodes at 905 nm

Single emitters, stacks and multi-junction pulsed laser diodes up to 650 W

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R Package R Package
Pulsed Laser Diodes at 850 nm

850 nm Single Emitter at 13 W

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L-Cube Series L-Cube Series
Pulsed Laser Diode Modules

The pulsed laser diode driver is directly integrated into the modules.

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Welcome to LASER COMPONENTS Nordic AB, your expert for photonics components. Each product in our wide range of detectors, laser diodes, laser modules, optics, fiber optics, and more is worth every Crown (SEK). Our customized solutions cover all conceivable areas of application: from sensor technology to medical technology. You can reach us here:

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Box 14001 / Skårs led 3
SE-400 20 Göteborg

Phone: +46 (0)31 703 7173

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