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Pulsed Laser Diodes at 905 nm

Single emitters, stacks and multi-junction pulsed laser diodes up to 650 W

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905 nm PLDs

LASER COMPONENTS Canada produces high power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at 905 nm. The AlGaAs structure of the 905 series allows for high reliability and temperature stability; it also achieves the best beam characteristics. If the wavelength has to be controlled exactly, a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) can be integrated into a TO-8 housing.

Our 905 nm PLDs are available in a TO-18, 5.6 mm, 9 mm, or 8-32 Coax housing as well as a chip on a ceramic submount. Customer-specific arrays and PLDs with other wavelengths are also available on request.

These laser diodes are used in range finding, speed monitoring, laser radars, security scanners, and laser light curtains or in testing and measurement systems.

905D Series:

The 905D series pulsed laser diodes are available as single elements or stacks with a peak power up to 650 W. At an efficiency of 1 W/A, the single elements achieve a peak power of 34 W, whereas the stack designs achieve an output of up to 650 W at a pulse length of 150 ns and a duty cycle of 0.1%.

Multi-Junction Pulsed Laser Diodes with Trench Technology:

Multi-junction pulsed laser diodes are similar to "nanostack" technology. LASER COMPONENTS' PLDs provide an impressive efficiency of up to 3.2 W/A with peak powers up to 115 W at a pulse length of 100 ns from a single chip.

The 115 W diode is based on three epitaxially integrated emitters with an active area of altogether only 235 x 10 µm. Other versions deliver an output power of 40 W from an active area of 85 x 10 µm and 80 W from 160 x 10 µm. The small area allows the laser power to be coupled easily into a fiber and combined with microoptics.

A hermetically sealed TO housing ensures high reliability, an excellent overdrive capability, and a very precise chip alignment inside the TO can.

Using the advanced "trench" process, we are able to build customer-specific PLD arrays with peak powers of more than 1 kW.

Stacked Multi-Junction Pulsed Laser Diodes (PLDs):

Stacked multi-junction pulsed laser diodes deliver a peak power up to 650 W at 905 nm. They are based on several epitaxially integrated emitters with a total emitting area of 200 µm x 10 µm and thus deliver an optimal power intensity. Depending on the number of integrated chips, a peak power of up to 650 W can be achieved. They deliver optimal power intensity and are suited in particular for medical applications and the coupling of optical fibers.

Characteristics of single emitters

  • Pulse length: 150 ns
  • Peak power: at least 70 W

Characteristics of stacked versions:

  • Pulse length: 150 ns
  • Peak power: up to 650 W

Application fields include: medical technology, ceilometers, altimeters, LIDAR, distance measurements

UA Series – An Inexpensive Alternative to PLDs in a Plastic Housing

UA series pulsed laser diodes are high quality diodes hermetically sealed in a TO-56 metal housing. Produced in large quantities, they can compete in price with PLDs in a plastic housing. In addition, they are highly reliable, possess excellent overdrive capabilities, and feature optimal thermal stability and a very precise chip alignment inside the housing.

As a single element design, the 905DxxUA series achieves a peak power of 6 W to 19 W. The multi-junction versions (905D1S3JTxxUA) deliver a peak power of 40 W, 80 W, and 115 W as a function of the emitting area size at 100 ns and a duty cycle of 0.1%.

Multi-Junction PLD as SMD Component

Our High-Power Multi-Juniction PLDs are also available as SMD components for easy direct mounting on a circuit board. These reliable InGaAs / GaAs structures deliver powers up to 120 W. They are available in source sizes of  225 μm (optional 75 µm or 150 µm). Due to their compact cubical design of mere 2 x 2 x 2 mm, our SMD PLDs may be used as top-looking or side-looking emitters.

Pulsed Laser Diodes with Integrated FAC Optics

To optimize divergence of the fast axis, an additional axis collimation (FAC) lens that is attached in front of the laser diode chip. Depending on the lens, divergences of 33 mrad can be achieved. Both the chip and the lens are integrated into a small, hermetically sealed TO-46 housing. As required for use in military technology, this design withstands acceleration rates of over 1000 g/ms without any problem.

This technology is also optionally available with 1550 nm pulsed laser diodes. If the wavelength has to be controlled exactly, a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) can be integrated into a TO-8 housing 

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Si Avalanche Photodiodes

SAPDs are suitable for the spectral range from 260 nm to 1100 nm.

Silicon avalanche photodiodes are used in the wavelength range from the UV to the near infrared. LASER COMPONENTS manufactures different series: highest quality for demanding systems, over customized version to components made for consumer products. 
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Pulsed Laser Diode Modules

The pulsed laser diode driver is directly integrated into the modules.

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General Information 

about Pulsed Laser Diodes

Pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) are available in the wavelengths 850 nm, 905 nm and 1550 nm.

All of our PLDs are developed and manufactured at our Laser Components production facility in Canada. Customer-specific requests can, therefore, easily be accommodated. 


Fields of Applications

  • Laser rangefinding
  • Speed guns
  • Laser scanners
  • Defense & security
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • Measurement technology

Different Wavelengths - High-Quality Housing
The standard range consists of pulsed laser diodes with the following wave-lengths: 850 nm, 905 nm, or 1550 nm. We differentiate between two product lines: high-end PLDs and low-cost PLDs. Both product lines have a high-quality metal housing in  common.

Low-Cost Series
The high-volume/low-cost series con-sists of pulsed laser  diodes in a metal housing that are best suited for  consumer  products such as laser rangefinders. SMD housings are also  available. In 2018 our first 80 W PLD received automotive qualification according to AEC-Q101.

The SMD-Option allows for high laser powers from a small housing.

QuickSwitch® PLDs
The QuickSwitch® series integrates the key components of the pulsed laser drive circuit into the same com-pact TO package as the laser chip. With a pulse width of only 2.5 ns, the QuickSwitch® devices are currently the fastest hybrid pulsed laser diodes available. Output powers from 72 W are offered.

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Custom Solutions

Pulsed Laser Diodes customized to your needs

SMD Package SMD Package

Cost-Effective, Even When Produced in Small Amounts

Close cooperation between customer and manufacturer has been our greatest success factor in manufacturing optimally customized  products. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by how reasonable our prices are for customized products.

LASER COMPONENTS Canada develops pulsed laser diodes (PLDs)  suited to your field of application. Almost all product parameters can be adjusted e.g., wavelength, output power, and housing. It is also possible to develop completely new products. 

Uncompromising Quality
Quality is an absolute imperative. The consistent application of  quality  management methods has resulted in the continuous advancement of  products. New products and increasing efficiency are in constant demand.

As part of quality control, a life test rack was developed to simulate very different applications. The pulsed laser diodes being tested on the life rack are pushed beyond their approved limitations.

You are looking for a customized PLD?

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