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Laser Components UK in its Market

The establishment of LASER COMPONENTS (UK) in 1993 was the first step outside the German home market and marks the start of LASER COMPONENTS as an international group of companies. Operating from Chelmsford, Essex, business, and practices are more closely aligned to customers from the British Isles. The UK is a very special market dominated by areas of excellence that call for strong technological expertise and demand high-quality components. Leading-edge fields of science such as quantum technologies and other are complemented by complex applications like oil and gas sensing, fire and flame detection, and standards such as atomic clocks, to name a few.  

With managing director Chris Varney at the helm since 1999, LASER COMPONENTS (UK) has gained standing a sales and marketing business with a strong technically biased workforce to support customers’ photonic component needs. Local proximity to customers and their requirements has established itself as a success formula and has led to the establishment of further sales companies in Europe and the USA. The outcome of BREXIT added another benefit, since the company is now a renowned importer and distributor for products from the EU and other countries like the USA. 

Johan Daag
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A strong and innovation driven industry

The UK photonics industry

Photonics is one of the most productive manufacturing sectors in the UK and has been listed among the “seven technology families of UK strength and opportunity” that are part of the government’s innovation strategy. In 2023, industry generated £15.2 billion at a growth rate of 9% over two years. With a workforce of 79,100 individuals, it plays in the same league as automotive and aerospace manufacturing. The entire industry is focused on innovation. More than half of the companies spend over 10% of their turnover on research and development and take part in collaborative R&D projects. 

Shaping the Future 

Photonics solutions are key to all the challenges the British and global societies will face over the next years. This will not only accelerate the speed of innovation; it also harbours potential future growth in our industry. 

  • Net zero and circular Economy is driven by photonic components in material identification and high density marking. Applications like smart lighting, advanced data networking, and laser-based manufacturing help to save energy and reduce waste. 
  • When it comes to environmental protection, photonic sensors are used in Earth observation, crop inspection, and biodiversity monitoring. Their precise, real-time analysis is crucial in assessing human impact. 
  • Modern healthcare strongly depends on photonic applications – from diagnostics (cell counters, X-rays), laser surgery and photodynamic therapies to spectroscopic analysis in research and pharmaceutics. 
  • Digital economy cannot be realized without fibre optic networks and data volumes continue to grow. Photonic communications is not limited to the planet surface. It is also used in the latest arrays of low Earth orbit satellites. 
  • In defence and security, photonic solutions provide essential data for situational awareness, surveillance, communications, and reconnaissance, while lasers are used for precision targeting and air defence.  
  • Manufacturing in battery, semiconductor, consumer electronics and many other industries strongly depends on laser technology. Digital laser processing and machine vision play a vital part in the evolution from industry 4.0 to industry 5.0 
  • In space, active LiDAR systems, optical fibre technology and other photonics technologies are gathering data and relaying it to earth. They are also key in inter-satellite communications. 

Armed with extensive technological expertise and a diverse product portfolio, LASER COMPONENTS (UK) is ready to pay its contribution to this vibrant and innovative market. Like the entire UK photonics industry, going beyond borders is our business. 

Every Team Member Is a Key Component


At LASER COMPONENTS (UK), our team is a blend of seasoned professionals who excel in their expertise. You can sense that they never lost the fun and excitement in tackling complex and challenging projects. With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, we prioritize quality of service and product above all else, followed by timely delivery and competitive pricing. Like our products, each team member is a indispensable component to the whole and adds value to every step, ensuring accuracy, speed, and efficiency in responding to your inquiries. Together, we strive to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional results with a smile. 

Our Management Team

Dan Barlow

Dan Barlow, MPhys (hons) has worked in the photonics industry for almost 20 years across a broad range of markets, including Semiconductor, Industrial, Life Science, Aerospace and Defence. Having begun his career at a UK distributor of photonics-based products, Dan has fulfilled numerous commercial roles working for Industry leaders in the fields of Industrial Lasers, Fiber Optics and Optoelectronic components. Before joining Laser Components in 2024, Dan worked for a groundbreaking Semiconductor startup based in Cambridge, UK.  

Chris Varney

Chris Varney, BSc (hons) Physics, has worked in lasers, optics, and optoelectronics for over 40 years within a broad range of markets including defence, aerospace, medical, petrochemical, research and many more industrial niches. Chris’s roles include Research Physicist, Development Manager, General Manager, Production Director, and Managing Director of both private and corporate companies based in the UK. Chris has been Managing Director at LASER COMPONENTS (UK) since 1999.

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Welcome to LASER COMPONENTS Nordic AB, your expert for photonics components. Each product in our wide range of detectors, laser diodes, laser modules, optics, fiber optics, and more is worth every Crown (SEK). Our customized solutions cover all conceivable areas of application: from sensor technology to medical technology. You can reach us here:

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