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CW Laser Diodes (blue)

Blue laser diodes at 405 nm with 20 mW and at 450 nm with up to 1.6 W.

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The 405 nm laser diodes achieved their breakthrough with the popularity of storage media and Blu-ray players. This wavelength is also well received in measurement technology because it reflects particularly well on hot surfaces. The high operating temperature range of up to +75°C is especially advantageous for industrial applications. These diodes, which are integrated in a hermetically sealed TO-56 housing, also feature a monitoring photodiode to monitor and adjust the power.

The 450 nm laser diodes from OSRAM emit a beautiful and strong blue beam with an optical output power of up to 1.6 W. They are well suited for both cw and pulsed operation and are used in projection, measurement technology, and stage lighting. One highlight includes the narrow-band 488 nm laser diodes for biomedical and medical technology.

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Drive Electronics for CW Laser Diodes

Correctly drive a cw laser diode - For a longer-lasting laser diode…

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Download datasheet Wave­length255nm Power45mW PackageChip Tempera­ture60°C
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Download datasheet Wave­length265nm Power18mW PackageSMD Tempera­ture60°C
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Download datasheet Wave­length265nm Power22mW PackageChip Tempera­ture60°C
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