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Coated Laser Optics

Dielectric coatings are one of our core competencies at Laser Components. We primarily deposit customer-specific optical coatings onto almost any substrates. E-beam technology, also referred to as physical vapor deposition (PVD), ion-assisted deposition (IAD), and ion beam sputtering (IBS) are the coating processes currently available.

AR coatings to minimise reflections.

Mirrors with user-defined angles of incidence and best damage thresholds. High power and cw/fs coatings.

Output couplers and beam splitters with high-power or cw/fs coating. User-defined angle of incidence.

Dichroic mirrors to combine or separate two beams with different wavelengths.

The degree of reflection slopes from the center of the optic in a Gaussian distribution. Used in unstable resonators.

Metal mirrors are an inexpensive alternative to mirrors with dielectric coating.

High power coatings on parabolic mirrors for the pumping of thin disk lasers.

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Dielectric Coatings

Optical coatings are manufactured in house since 1986. Find out more about the production facility and our capabilities.

Optics Production

A job shop service is offered as well. Here is what we offer!