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Silicon PIN Photodiodes

Si PIN Photodiodes. Si photodiodes are reverse-biased PIN diodes. They detect light in a range from 250 nm to 1.1 µm. The incident radiation results in a measurable photocurrent.

High Speed Si-PIN Receiver

High-Speed Photoreceivers for Optical High-Speed Measurements.
Detection from 320-1000 nm

Silicon PIN Photodiodes

The new high-speed photoreceiver iC212 was developed explicitly for optical high-speed measurements. At a bandwidth of up to 1.4 GHz DC, the receiver detects the smallest amount of light – from cw to very fast pulses with rise times of 280 ps.

The iC212 also makes it possible to make an offset adjustment to compensate for the d.c. light of the input signal.

Amplification up to 1.625 kV/W

The integrated Si-PIN photodiode has an active area with a diameter of approximately 0.4 mm. This diameter is increased to 1.5 mm by placing a ball lens in front of the photodiode. This results in a receiver amplification of 1.625 kV/W. In the spectral range from 320-1000 nm a power output in the µW range can be detected using GHz speeds.

The iC212 high-speed photoreceiver has mounting holes with an M6 thread for easy integration into optical benches. A fiber-optical adapter is optionally available and makes it possible to couple the photoreceiver with an optical fiber.


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