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Aspherical Lenses

Aspherical lenses correct aberrations, which in monochromatic light include image sharpness errors and distortion.

A typical application of these lenses is the focusing of a collimated beam onto an optical fiber.

Advantages of Aspheres

Aspherical Lens Application

In geometrical optics, imaging errors are known that can neither be corrected with single spherical lenses nor a combination of several spherical lenses. Thus, lenses with aspherical surfaces are used instead for this purpose.

In aspheres, the refracting surface deviates from the spherical shape and can – to a large extent – be freely shaped. This allows imaging errors to be reduced and spherical aberrations such as focus errors and distortion to be corrected.

Aspheres offer high quality imaging. In many applications, this allows the number of optical elements and thus the number of lossy surfaces to be reduced. This in turn enables more compact and lighter designs, which significantly reduces costs and increases performance at the same time.

Another advantage of aspherical optics is their higher tolerance to tilting and alignment in the beam path.

Optimized for Your Application
A typical application for these lenses is focusing a collimated beam onto an optical fiber. Due to increasing output powers, conventional plastic lenses can no longer be used here in some cases.

Coated Aspherical Lenses

LASER COMPONENTS offers aspherical lenses made of glass with a diameter of 3 to 6.5 mm according to your specifications. You can determine the radius and arrow height for pressed optics. Various standard coatings and precision optics with higher surface quality and narrower tolerances are available upon request. Speak with our product engineers about details and technical feasibility and let us advise you.

Beschichtete asphärische Linsen

LASER COMPONENTS offers a selection of standard molded aspheric lenses ranging in size from Ø3 to Ø10mm. Ground and polished aspherical lenses are manufactured to customer specifications from Ø6mm up to several inches in diameter. 

Verschiedene Standardbeschichtungen sowie Präzisionsoptiken mit höherer Oberflächengüte und engeren Toleranzen sind auf Anfrage erhältlich. Sprechen Sie mit unseren Produktingenieuren über Details und technische Machbarkeit und lassen Sie sich beraten.


  • Reduction in system size due to fewer lenses
  • Reduction of scattering, absorption and reflection losses due to fewer optical surfaces
  • Customized coating in house


  • Correction of the spherical aberration
  • More compact optical systems without spherical aberrations thanks to the use of aspherical lenses


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