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Active & Passive Components

Couplers, WDMs, attenuators, isolators, and circulators are passive optical components. In addition to these parts, we also offer active components such as optical switches.

Spiderlite MSA

Fibre Amplifiers

High power optical fibre amplifers. Erbium (EDFA), Ytterbium or Thulium doped, with low noise figure and high gain.

Optical Fibre Amplifiers

Available as both user-friendly benchtop platforms and compact modules. Custom solutions available. Applications include Lidar, telecommunications, scientific, defence, medical and industrial.

Fibre amplifier features:

  • Low noise figure.
  • Available with high gain (up to 50 dB) .
  • Saturated output power up to 42 dBm.
  • Ranges designed for amplification of short pulses.
  • Wavelengths

    include Erbium doped fibre amplifiers (EDFA) for the C-band and L-band,

    Ytterbium doped fibre amplifiers for 1064 nm and Thulium doped fibre

    amplifiers for 2 µm.

  • Linearly or randomly polarised versions.

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