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LASER COMPONENTS Nordic in its market

Operating in four countries, LASER COMPONENTS Nordic understands both the shared characteristics and unique nuances across the Scandinavia market. While Sweden and Finland boast technology-driven industries like automotive, defense, and electronics, Denmark specializes in food, agriculture, medtech, and green energy. Norway is renowned for its wealth in resources and dominates in oil, gas, and metal. 

Understanding these distinctions, LASER COMPONENTS Nordic's seasoned sales team capitalizes on their experience in the optics and photonics industry. Ever since its establishment in 2014, the company has exhibited consistent growth, serving more than a hundred buying customers across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Our key product groups include PLDs, APDs, IR-detectors, and FLEXPOINT® laser modules. Following the LASER COMPONENTS spirit, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to each Scandinavian market's distinct requirements and demands. 

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A vibrant and innovative market

The photonics market in the Nordic countries

The photonics market in the Nordic countries is characterized by a combination of innovation, research excellence, and industrial applications. Most of all, the region has a vibrant ecosystem of startups and small to medium-sized enterprises that often emerge from academic research or spin-offs from larger corporations. With their innovative photonics solutions, they are an important driving force for the overall growth and competitiveness of the Scandinavian photonics industry. On the customer side, the region is home to a diverse range of industries that utilize photonics technologies, including telecommunications, healthcare, and life sciences as well as manufacturing, automotive, renewable energy, defense, and aerospace. Photonics technologies like optical sensing and range finding, imaging, laser processing and spectroscopy play crucial roles in enhancing efficiency, quality, and performance in these sectors. 

In this technology and research driven market, several trends will most likely shape the field of photonics and have a major impact on various industries: 

The ongoing trend for miniaturization and integration will lead to smaller, more efficient optoelectronic components for a wide range of applications, particularly in the consumer electronics, healthcare, and automotive sectors. At the same time, production and design of ever smaller electronics will also require new developments in optics and photonics. 

In Quantum technologies, such as quantum computing and cryptography, photonics allows for precise control and manipulation of quantum states which makes it a crucial technology on the road to next generation computers and communications. 

Sensing, and imaging offer a widespread packet of increasingly sophisticated technologies for key industries such as autonomous vehicles, industrial inspection, environmental monitoring, security, and defense. The challenging standards of these sectors mean that innovations are currently following one another at a fast pace. 

In alignment with these trends, LASER COMPONENTS remains at the forefront, continuously innovating and developing new photonics products and technologies. Substantial investments in recent years have bolstered production capacity and flexibility of all our manufacturing sites so that we are prepared to meet even the most challenging customer requirements. 

A team of dedicated professionals


Based in Stockholm and Gothenburg LASER COMPONENTS Nordic boasts a small but highly proficient team of experienced professionals with robust backgrounds in technical sales within the opto industry. As a team of independent individuals, they complement each other and work together to enable our customers to find solutions and the most optimal components for their applications. 

Our Management Team

Fredrick Wikfeldt

Fredrik Wikfeldt has been General Manager at LASER COMPONENTS Nordic AB since November 2019. He holds a master's degree in engineering physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and brings more than twenty years of sales and management expertise in machine vision and industrial metrology. During his entire career he has worked international environments with positions as Product Manager, Sales Manager and COO as well as several years of experience from managing a business organization in the Nordic Countries. 

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