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Fiber Optic Field Equipment

In optical measurement technology, different measurement devices are used to test optical fibers. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used.

Automated fiber inspection and pass-fail analysis with the P5000 from JDSU

Backpanel Microscopes

So-called backpanel microscopes are connected directly to the PC and help to quickly view and evaluate the surfaces of fiber optic connectors.

Connector Microscopes

Backpanel microscopes can be used with computers that are equipped with a USB interface. These microscopes do not require an additional power supply because they are powered through the USB interface. Measurements are easy to obtain, and analysis is carried out directly on the computer via corresponding software.

Transmission problems in optical networks are generally caused by contaminated fiber connectors. The IEC 61300-3-35 standard was, therefore, developed as a way to define the quality of fiber end faces. Backpanel microscopes are used to objectively certify that the standard is met.

The P5000i digital analysis microscope by Viavi combines two magnification settings in one unit: This microscope can be set to magnification levels of 200 times and 400 times.

The P5000i is used to test and automatically certify the end faces of optical fiber connectors according to industry standards and specifications. With the touch of a button, the objective test results can be displayed as “pass” or “fail” on the screen.

Mobile fiber optic connector qualification is carried out using USB power meters of the MP series, which are also compatible with mobile Android devices.

The MP series from Viavi consists of compact USB power meters for use with a PC or mobile Android devices for fast and mobile field applications.

The autonomous and fully-automated FiberChek™ backpanel connector microscope from Viavi is ideal for mobile use in optical fiber connector inspection and qualification. With an integrated autofocus and wireless connection via Bluetooth and WiFi, the measurement results can be transferred to tablets, cell phones, or PCs. This handheld device is equipped with both IEC pass/fail analysis and internal memory for storing results: one-handed connector qualification – simple and efficient.

AFL's inspection microscopes are called FOCIS (Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System) and available in different types:

  • FOCIS Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System
  • FOCIS WiFi
  • FOCIS Flex

FOCIS WiFi enables measurement results to be displayed on any tablet or smartphone. Depending on the type, a live feed of the fiber end surface is displayed, images can be saved, and connectors are analyzed automatically according to the IEC61300-3-35 standard.

The lightweight, ergonomically designed FOCIS WiFi2 does not even require a cable or display. It is completely controlled via a standard iOS or Android mobile device. Quick pass/fail analyses for all major industry standards (IEC, IPC, AT&T) can be performed at the push of a button. For in -depth analysis, a detailed view of the fiber end and all the test values are shown on the mobile device’s display.

The FOCIS Flex has an integrated monitor and memory and can, therefore, be operated as a stand-alone device.

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