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MVstereo - Machine Vision Made Easy!


We are pleased to present our first dedicated random pattern generator; the MVstereo. The MVstereo generates a pseudo random dot matrix of 33,000 eye safe, divergent dots in either 660 nm or 830 nm.  

The MVstereo laser modules also contain our new digital laser driver which offers various programming and reporting features, such as modulation, triggering, and power adjustment.

The laser’s focus can be adjusted without removing the optics and locked into place with an attached locking ring. The laser is powered via an M12 connector with a supply voltage of 4.5-30 VDC.

Some common applications for the MVstereo include 3D stereo machine vision, gesture recognition, depth sensing, and volume measurement. 


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Contact Person:    Chris Varney
Company:    LASER COMPONENTS (UK) Ltd.
Address:    Goldlay House 114 Parkway
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FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVstereo

Random Pattern Generator FLEXPOINT® MVstereo

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