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Electronic Accessories

In addition to the complimentary designed dual voltage power adapter (220 - 240 VAC) for the entire range of amplifier product, and LEMO connector and cable accessories, a versatile USB control interface accessory permits digital control of many amplifier and photoreceiver products, which includes a LabView system driver application. Depending on the model, gain and filter settings can be remotely controlled and status information like Overload or Unlocked can be read from the device. This is especially useful in automated measurement systems or for remote sensing at places difficult to access.

PRA-FC - FC Fiber-Adapter with External 1.035" -40 Thread

Electronic Accessories

PS-15-21-L power adapter and LEMO connectors and cables

Electronic Accessories

Accessories for the amplifiers and photoreceivers include the PS-15-21-L linearly regulated low-noise +/-15V power adaptor with LEMO connector designed specifically for the FEMTO products, the SOM-1 reference Sine Oscillator Module designed for integration in to the LIA-MV(D)-200 and the LIA-BV(D)-150 lock-in amplifiers with adjustable frequency and the LUCI-10 USB to D-Sub control interface. The LUCI-10 USB control interface establishes the link between the FEMTO unit and a standard Windows® PC with USB port. The interface is bus-powered through the USB port and the electronics is fully integrated inside the D-Sub hood. Thus, a very compact and easy to use interface solution is obtainable. The LUCI-10 hardware comes with an extensive software package containing all necessary drivers and software examples for easy use on standard Windows PCs and sample VI's and FEMTO Library for use in LabVIEW.


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