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PSD Modules and Evaluation Electronics

Compact one or two-dimensional PSD modules with a mount for high-precision position measurements.

To perform position measurements more easily, SiTek offers small and compact PSD modules. Either one-dimensional PSDs from 2.5 mm to 20 mm or two-dimensional PSDs with an edge length of 2x2 mm² to 20x20 mm² are integrated in a mount (PSD Holder MH01). These PSD mounts can be connected to the SEEPOS system using a DSUB9 connector and thus comprise a complete “plug&play” unit for high-precision position measurements.

SEEPOS, from the company SiTek, is a signal processing system for one and two-dimensional PSDs. With this system, positions can be measured at a resolution of 16 bits and speeds of up to 1 MHz across a large power range – from the nW to the mW range – both for DC applications and with a modulated light source. 

With the software included in delivery, all parameters, such as PSD bias voltage, amplification, and the use of analog or digital filters, etc., can be set and monitored. Not only is the beam spot on the detector graphically represented in the XY direction, but the fluctuations in X-t and Y-t are shown as well. Optimized plot algorithms ensure that all data can be visually represented in full speed via USB 2.0 at the computer.


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FP-MS-11.5 and FP-MS-19 Mounts FP-MS-11.5 and FP-MS-19 Mounts
FLEXPOINT® Line Lasers from 520 nm - 905 nm

Line lasers with different fan angles and a power output of up to 100 mW.

Laser Components offers standard and customized line laser modules in the wavelength range from 520-905 nm. Different housings are available.
SEEPOS - PSD Signal Processing System SEEPOS - PSD Signal Processing System
Preamplifiers for PSDs

Amplifiers for PSDs, Differential Diodes, and Quadrant Diodes

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