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Pulsed Laser Diodes

Pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) are available in the wavelengths 850 nm, 905 nm and 1550 nm. All of our PLDs are developed and manufactured at our Laser Components production facility in Canada. Customer-specific requests can, therefore, easily be accommodated.

PLD module - Handle your PLD the easy way

Pulsed Laser Diode Modules

The pulsed laser diode driver is directly integrated into the modules.

Pulsed Laser Diodes

No larger than a matchbook, both the LS and LC series are extremely powerful and adjustable. This makes them particularly well suited for R&D applications. In fact, because even a single module offers so many different control options, the time leading up to product launch can be reduced by a significant margin.

The L-CUBE series is new. Similar to the LC and LS series, both the driver and the pulsed laser diode are integrated in a compact cube with an edge length of only 40 mm. The L-CUBE can very easily be mounted in an optical bench or assembly. Fiber coupling is another advantage of the new L-CUBE series and is available on an optional basis.

These easy-to-use modules are available with a 850 nm, 905 nm and a 1550 nm source. The LS series is a standard module in which the pulse power, pulse length, and repetition rate are already specified. In the LC series these parameters can be adjusted according to your individual needs. This simply requires a +12V direct current voltage source and a TTL trigger signal.

The metal housing is coated with nickel and improves the EMC of and for this module. In addition to the LC and LS series standard PLD modules, OEM versions with fixed parameters and other models are also available.

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