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Special Optics

Etalons, beam splitter cubes, Faraday isolators, retroreflectors, collimators, and lenses with volume Bragg gratings belong to the group of special optics. These optical components are used in special laser applications.

Optics to protect against back reflections with high isolation.

Beam splitters are used to split a beam into two parts; they can be of differing intensities if necessary.

TLC optics passively compensate the thermal lenses of high-power collimators and focusing optics.

Used to limit the wavelength ranges in laser cavities.

Parallel incident light that hits the hollow retroreflector will be returned with great accuracy to the light source. Hollow retroreflectors are also known as cat’s eyes.

To stabilize the wavelengths of high power laser diodes, laser diode arrays, and in measurement devices.

To collimate the beam of laser diodes.

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