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FLEXPOINT® Laser Modules for Industrial Applications

For industrial applications in machines, craftsman’s businesses, or industrial factories, Laser Components offers extra robust dot, line, and cross-hair lasers.


Laser Modules for Industrial Applications

Red laser modules for industrial applications are available as dot lasers, cross-hair lasers, and line lasers.

FLEXPOINT® Laser Modules for Industrial Applications

ILM12F series:
The M12x1 thread of this industrial stainless steel housing facilitates quick and easy assembly of the laser. ILM12F laser modules can be focused by hand.

The housing of FLEXPOIN® ILM12IP complies with protecion class IP67. This means that even the finest dust cannot penetrate. In addition, the module can be immersed in liquids for half an hour without being damaged. Both facts were confirmed by TÜV tests according to DIN-EN 60529:2014-09. This makes the ILM12IP the laser module of choice for use on construction sites or in outdoor facilities.

HD series:
This 19 mm housing is mechanically robust and conforms to protection class IP67 (dustproof and waterproof). These lasers are focusable and can be adjusted for any working distance.

ILM12F, ILM12IP series and HD series laser modules are available as dot lasers, line lasers, and cross-hair lasers. The wavelength is 520 nm (green) or 635 nm (bright red).

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