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Single Photon Counting Modules - COUNT® BLUE Series

Single photon counting modules with even higher efficiencies at shorter wavelengths.

Single Photon Counting Module COUT® blue

LASER COMPONENTS expands its award-winning COUNT® series of single photon counting modules to include the new COUNT® BLUE devices. These combine the phenomenally low count rates of the existing modules with even higher detection efficiencies at shorter wavelengths. Over 60% of incoming photons can be detected at 405 nm, over 65% in the green, while the detection efficiency in the red is typically >50%. The unique semiconductor design ensures stable count rates and zero bi-stability. The excellent short wavelength performance makes the COUNT® BLUE the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications in fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved single molecule detection and confocal microscopy.

The COUNT® BLUE features the same robust design as the existing modules and is mechanically compatible with other commercially avalable photon counting modules. The optional fiber connector allows easy plug&play connection to the sample and allows background light to be effectively eliminated.


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