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Amplificateurs et Receivers

Amplificateurs et Receivers

High-speed current amplifier HCA-400m-5k-c High-speed current amplifier HCA-400m-5k-c
A range of current amplifiers are available from ultra low noise (0.18 fA/√Hz), high band width (400kHz) and high gain (10E13V/A). Designed with a small modular construction these current amplifiers are ideal for both lab and OEM applications.
Détection synchrone LIA-MVD-200-H en version labo Détection synchrone LIA-MVD-200-H en version labo
Lock-in-amplification is a useful technique to remove unwanted noise allowing reliable operation in electrically noisy environments. Phase, gain and time constant are controlled either by switches on the amplifier module or externally using standard digital I/O computer board.
1GHz Variable-Gain Voltage amplifiers Series DUPVA 1GHz Variable-Gain Voltage amplifiers Series DUPVA
With both fixed and variable (20dB steps from 20dB to 60dB) gain GHz amplifiers available, these HSA High-Speed Amplifier series offer a well-balanced combination of high gain, wide bandwidth up to 2GHz and low noise making them ideal for time-resolved measurements with ultra-fast photodetectors.
Variable (gain 10 to 60dB), logarithmic (up to 80dB) and wideband (DC to 10, 200 or 500MHz) voltage amplifiers are available for a range of applications including universal low frequency amplification, industrial sensors, detector pre-amplification, oscilliscope and transient record pre-amplification, time resolved pulse and transient measurements, to LIDAR systems, signal compression and particle detection.
Charge Amplifier Hqa-15m-10t Charge Amplifier Hqa-15m-10t
These high gain (10E13V/A) modules amplify the very small signals from charge generators such as the ‘tuning-fork’ quartz crystal output form atomic force microscopes, pyro- and piezoelectric detectors, and charged particle beam monitoring, for example.
Balanced Photoreceiver Balanced Photoreceiver
Femtowatt (ultra low noise min. NEP 0.7fW/√Hz), variable gain (10E3 to 10E11 V/W) and fixed gain photoreceivers offer a solution to measuring fast and precise small optical signals. By combining a low noise transimpedance amplifier with a silicon or InGaAs photodiode a broad wavelength range from 190nm up to 1700nm is covered.
PRA-FSMA - FSMA Fiber-Adapter with External 1.035" -40 Thread PRA-FSMA - FSMA Fiber-Adapter with External 1.035" -40 Thread
In addition to the complimentary designed dual voltage power adapter (220 - 240 VAC) for the entire range of amplifier product, and LEMO connector and cable accessories, a versatile USB control interface accessory permits digital control of many amplifier and photoreceiver products, which includes a LabView system driver application.

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