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Beam Dumps

Beam dumps block laser radiation in a controlled manner. We have versions available with air-cooling and water-cooling.

Beam Dump

Beam Dumps

To Safely Block Laser Radiation

Beam Dumps

Beam dumps are used wherever a laser beam has to be blocked in a controlled manner. Our supplier Kentek offers beam dumps with a ¾”, 2”, and 4” aperture, the 4” version of which is the largest aperture available on the market. With air-cooling, lasers with power levels of up to 50 W. The beam dumps are suited for both cw and pulsed lasers from UV to IR and are available either with or without a stand.

The high-power beam dumps from the Canadian manufacturer Gentec-eo have an aperture of 100 mm and can absorb up to 12 kW.

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