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Voltage Amplifier

Variable (gain 10 to 60dB), logarithmic (up to 80dB) and wideband (DC to 10, 200 or 500MHz) voltage amplifiers are available for a range of applications including universal low frequency amplification, industrial sensors, detector pre-amplification, oscilliscope and transient record pre-amplification, time resolved pulse and transient measurements, to LIDAR systems, signal compression and particle detection. Low frequency volatage amplifiers include control of gain settings and bandwidth by local switches directly on the amplifier.

Low Frequency Series DLPVA

Switchable gain up to 100 dB (x 100,000)

Voltage Amplifier

The bandwidth of the DLPVA series amplifiers remains constant at 100 kHz for each gain setting. Six DLPVA models offer a high degree of flexibility; FET or bipolar, single-ended or true differential input. The input impedance is 1 MΩ or lower for our bipolar models and an exceptionally high 1 TΩ for our FET models allowing measurements of signals from very high impedance sources. The noise is as low as 0.4 nV/√Hz for the DLPVA-100-BUN-S. The gain of the DLPVA low-frequency voltage amplifiers can be switched remotely or locally in 20 dB steps.


Applications include Ultra-low-noise laboratory amplifier, pulsed thermal EMF analysis, detector preamplifier, integrated measurement systems.


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