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Detector Modules

Detector modules, into which the entire drive electronics have been integrated, were developed to facilitate the application of detectors. PIN modules and APD modules are available along with intelligent sensors which are – thanks to their interfaces – ready for application in Industry 4.0.

Highly-sensitive PIN Detector Modules

P-CUBEs: Cubes with a built-in photodiode that can be easily integrated into optical bench setups.

PIN Detector Modules

For easy integration into optical bench setups, CUBE components are available. The P-CUBE series houses an integrated very low-noise and sensitive PIN photodiode inside a compact cube.

The CUBE can be attached directly to a rail system. With an edge length of 40 mm, this constitutes standard dimensions.

Three types of P-CUBEs are available:

  • Spectral range: 190 nm – 570 nm
    For wavelengths between 190 nm and 570 nm the P-CUBEs are equipped with a low-noise GaP photodiode.
  • Spectral range 200 nm – 1050 nm
    Blue-enhanced Si photodiodes cover a large spectral range. They detect radiation between 200 nm and 1050 nm.
  • Spectral range 800 nm – 2200 nm
    An NIR-enhanced InGaAs PIN photodiode is used for infrared wavelengths. The detection range extends from 800 nm to 2200 nm.

The output signal of the photodiodes is obtained using a BNC connector.

The P-CUBE is also available with an optical FC connector.

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