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Coated Laser Optics

Dielectric coatings are one of our core competencies at Laser Components. We primarily deposit customer-specific optical coatings onto almost any substrates. E-beam technology, also referred to as physical vapor deposition (PVD), ion-assisted deposition (IAD), and ion beam sputtering (IBS) are the coating processes currently available.

High power
cw fs

Mirror Coatings

Mirrors with user-defined angles of incidence and best damage thresholds. High power and cw/fs coatings.

Coated Laser Optics

Mirror coatings are offered for both applications with high power lasers and cw/fs lasers. The high power coatings are ideal for ns and ps pulses. The cw/fs coatings differ in the following ways:

  • Large bandwidth
  • Large scatter surface
  • Low dispersion characteristics
  • Low damage thresholds

Highly reflective mirrors with dielectric coatings can be coated for all wavelengths from 193 nm to 3 µm and for angles of incidence of 0° – where they are used as end mirrors – or angles of incidence of 45° – where they are used as bending mirrors. Other angles of incidence, angle ranges, and wavelength ranges can also be manufactured.

All versions are multi-layered, dielectric coatings that are suitable for high-power laser systems. Upon request, special designs can be produced for the desired substrate.


Mirrors for Excimer Lasers

For mirrors that are used outside of the excimer laser resonator, the standard coating is usually applied to fused silica substrates. If the mirrors are used inside the resonator, the coatings have to be chlorine or fluorine resistant because they are exposed to the aggressive laser gas. In such a case, it is important to use CaF2 or MgF2 as the substrate material.


Mirrors for Solid-state Lasers

Coatings for mirrors used in solid-state lasers are mostly applied to BK7 substrates. For systems with very high power densities or at UV wavelength, the coatings can also be applied to fused silica, sapphire or Infrasil.


Multiple Mirrors

These mirrors are used in frequency-multiplied systems. In addition to the fundamental, their harmonic wavelengths are also reflected.



Highly reflective cw/fs mirrors with dielectric coating can be manufactured for the wavelength range from 450 nm to 2 µm and angles of incidence of 0° (end mirrors) or 45° (bending mirrors). Other angles of incidence, angle ranges, and wavelength ranges are available upon request.

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Dielectric Coatings

Optical coatings are manufactured in house since 1986. Find out more about the production facility and our capabilities.

Optics Production

A job shop service is offered as well. Here is what we offer!


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