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Large Area Laser Protection

Laser safety curtains are used to protect large spaces within a room against laser radiation. This section includes protective guards for windows.

Table Guard

Safety Panels for Optical Tables

Laser protection for individual workstations

Large Area Laser Protection

Modular and highly flexible systems allow for efficient blocking of laser beams on optical tables. These mini laser barriers are available in different sizes.


The Table-Guard system is based on the proven Ever-Guard technology also used in our laser protective walls. The panels of this highly flexible modular table system easily slide into table-mounted posts to create protective areas of any rectangular shape. At a standard height of 30 cm, panels are available at widths of 30 cm, 46 cm, 60 cm, and 92 cm.

The black anodized metal panels are created to withstand laser energy levels up to 1,200 W/cm² for at least 180 seconds. The structure of their surface absorbs and diffuses laser light of all wavelengths.
Like all Ever-Guard protective walls, Table-Guard complies with EN 12254 specifications and may thus be used in any EU country.

Bench-Guard for quick and easy installment on workbenches. The certified Ever-Guard panels of this systems can be attached to any position using just a few thumb screws. At standards heights of 30 cm or 46 cm, panels are available in four standard widths: 30 cm, 46 cm, 60 cm, and 92 cm. „H-Channel“ connectors can be used to join them in a continuous run.

The black anodized metal surfaces apt for clean room use and their light-diffusing textures absorb and diffuse laser beams regardless of their wavelengths. They are built to withstand laser powers of up to 1,200 W/cm² for at least 180 seconds.

Bench-Guard, like all Ever-Guard products, is EN 12254 compliant and certified for use in all EU countries.

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