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Lock-in Amplifier

Lock-in-amplification is a useful technique to remove unwanted noise allowing reliable operation in electrically noisy environments. Phase, gain and time constant are controlled either by switches on the amplifier module or externally using standard digital I/O computer board. The frequency can be set by an external reference signal that can be synchronised with a chopper wheel or the modulation signal of a laser. The input signal can be a current or voltage, making the amplifier suitable for high impedance sources like photodiodes or PMTs, low impedance sources like pyros or coils.

Single-board series LIA-BV(D)-150

The amplifiers encompass many of the features usually expected on higher priced units and importantly with an equivalent performance.

Lock-in Amplifier

The single-board models designed for a 19” rack can operate with the remote control of parameters such as gain, time constant and phase via 16 digital inputs a multi-channel system can be achieved at an attractive cost with the option of adding additional channels if later required. A customisable multi-channel lock-in amplifier SC-LIA-S designed for integration of a number of lock-in amplifier boards from the BV series such as the LIA-BV-150-H inside a 19-inch rack system. The SC-LIA-S can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements, with options including 50-120Hz, with 5-10kHz working frequency, integrated sine reference signal module, control interface either common for all installed channels, individual for each channel, or none. The option for local or remote control via an 18-pin Sub-D connector is also offered.


Applications include spectroscopy, laser stabilisation, luminescence, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Measurements, Light Scattering Measurements, Opto-electronic Quality Control, Integration in Industrial and Scientific Measurement Systems, OEM integration, high performance multi-channel-systems at an attractive price.


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