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Femtowatt (ultra low noise min. NEP 0.7fW/√Hz), variable gain (10E3 to 10E11 V/W) and fixed gain photoreceivers offer a solution to measuring fast and precise small optical signals. By combining a low noise transimpedance amplifier with a silicon or InGaAs photodiode a broad wavelength range from 190nm up to 1700nm is covered. Ideal for all lab scenarios, fibre alignment, fast power monitoring, testing laser diodes, linearity measurements over 10 decades, and industrial control and aligment are just a few applications.

Variable Gain Photoreciever Fast Optical Power Meter Series OE-200

Variable-gain photoreceivers based on the DLPCA amplifiers for fW to mW measurements


The OE-200 Adjustable-Gain Photoreceiver is designed for a wide range of applications that require the fast measurement of low light levels. With its maximum bandwidth of 500 kHz it is ideally suited for time resolved measurements down to the sub µs-region, as fast photo detector in industrial process control and quality inspection systems and as the optical front-end for lock-in amplifier systems. The OE-200 offers many more features than usual power meters including selectable conversion gain from 10^3 to 10^11 V/W, switchable AC/DC-coupling, and the capability of manual and opto-isolated remote control by a PC.

Applications include all purpose lab photoreceiver, test of laser diode to fibre coupling.


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