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FLEXPOINT® Machine Vision Lasers

Laser modules have to fulfill special requirements in industrial image processing. Line lasers with a homogeneous power distribution are generally used in metrology, but high-power laser designs and special housings are also in demand in industrial image processing.

Line width simulation

Select wavelength, power and line option:

Shorter than a match – the smallest line laser for industrial image processing.

Small machine vision laser modules for integration into 3D vision sensors.

The Workhorse – the standard image processing laser for the majority of applications.

The robust module for stand-alone applications in 19 mm housing and with M12 connector.

Random pattern projector with 33,000 dots for 3-D stereo image processing.

Robust and versatile module with integrated M18 thread.

Machine vision line lasers with integrated M12 thread: these are the FLEXPOINT® MV12 lasers.

Ultra-thin lines. Our FLEXPOINT® MVmicroline is the machine vision laser of choice when particularly thin lines of 5 µm are required.

Fiber-coupled laser modules for the best possible beam quality.

Various examples for your application

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