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Optical Fiber Processing

We offer tools for a large variety of different types of fiber processing:

This includes the stripping of fiber claddings, the cleaning and cleaving of fibers, and splicing or polishing, depending on the application. Microscopes and/or interferometers are used in the analysis of fiber end surfaces.

We have tools available for all stages of processing, both for field applications and applications in the laboratory. We cover the entire range of fiber diameters to 1.2 mm.

Liquid Clamp Cleaver from 3SAE

Automatic Cleaver for Large Core Fibers

Cleaving fibers from 250 µm to 1000 µm in diameter. - Cleaver for factory use.

Fiber Cleaver

Fiber cleavers that can be used to process large-core fibers that are between 125 µm and 1000 µm in diameter are available for round and non-round fibers.

There are two quality features to note during cleaving: the flat end surface of the fiber and a defined, reproducible cleave angle.

The LDF II produces particularly smooth breaks in large-core fibers, thus reducing splicing losses to a minimum and significantly improving beam quality.

The torsional moment makes it difficult to cleave thick fibers. In conventional fiber cleave tools, the fiber is placed in a mechanical mount where it can rotate the moment the fiber is cleaved. In the new patented 3SAE process, however, the fiber tip is placed in a specially melted metal alloy ingot, the melting point of which is below 100°C. During cooling, the fiber is held in place torsion free to ensure particularly high quality when scratched and broken. The metal is automatically liquefied and then solidified under temperature-controlled conditions in a short period of time.

This automated process is suited for both rotationally-symmetric fibers and fibers of any shape such as, for example, octagonal fibers.

The ProCleave LD (Large Diameter) is a cleaving tool that was specifically designed for use in the laboratory and production for optical fibers with a diameter of up to 550 µm. It generates cleaves with very flat end faces at an angle that deviates only very slightly – typically <0.5° – from the ideal angle of 90°. It has an integrated backstop for double-clad fibers or structured fibers. The ProCleave is an ideal addition to the splicing units FITEL S178LDF and FITEL S183PMII.

The fiber is placed under very finely adjustable, defined tensile stress and then scratched using a diamond blade. When the diamond touches the fiber, the fiber breaks automatically along the stress distribution in the fiber. The ProCleave can be operated by battery or using a power supply.

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