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Fiber Assemblies and Connectors

Our ready-to-use fiber assemblies are produced in house and available for quick delivery. We provide cables for use in data transmission, medical technology, and high-power transmission as well as fiber bundles for use in illumination or cold light sources. One particular highlight are our fibers with optical coatings. Their AR coatings are available many different wavelength ranges.

Ball Lens


Fiber tips change the radiation characteristics of the fiber. We offer fiber end caps for the input and output coupling of high laser power and spherical lenses, which are used in medical technology.


Laser Components manufactures fiber tips according to customer specifications. Select the appropriate fiber type from our product range and let us know your specification requirements to order your individualized product. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

If high power densities are expected at the end surfaces of the connectors, these can be reduced by splicing end caps to the fiber end. The end caps are cylindrical glass rods made of pure fused silica, which can also be integrated into standard connectors if required (e.g., in FC/PC connectors). The diameter of the end cap is larger than that of the fiber core. The light leaves the core according to its numerical aperture; its power density is reduced with the help of the end cap. This prevents the fiber from burning up or from sustaining performance-related end surface damage. There are different types of end caps that are used for both single-mode and multi-mode fibers. Insertion of the end cap at a defined length into the ferrule of a single-mode connector is one special technology.

Spherical lenses drawn from the fiber optimize their radiation characteristics. Depending on the application, they are used to focus or collimate light. Spherical lenses are shaped with an individual diameter.  Fused silica fibers with diameters of 200 µm, 365 µm, 400 µm, 550 µm, or 600 µm are processed. This product is processed according to ISO 13485 and can be packaged sterilely.

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