Laser Components DG, Inc.

Particularly low-noise APD receivers of the H1 series

The perfect avalanche

LASER COMPONENTS DG, Inc. manufactures avalanche photodiodes in Phoenix, Arizona, since 2004. The complete production chain is in our hands. The detectors are based on a specifically developed semiconductor structure. The standard program comprises Si-Epitaxy and Reach-Through APDs with active area diameters from 230 µm to 3.0 mm.

The Si-Avalanche Photodiodes from our in-house production are well suited for the recognition of even the smallest amount of light, right down to single photons. Main applications are photon counting, laser radar systems and biomedical applications. For the NIR range InGaAs-APDs with a diameter of 80 µm and 200 µm are manufactured.

In July of 2014 the Laser Components Group expanded its activities with respect to infrared detectors and acquired the majority of the US manufacturer Microwatt Applications, LLC.

The Laser Components Group successfully manufactures a wide range of IR semiconductor detectors; Microwatt’s products have become a part of that success.

Product Range
Pyroelectric detectors made of LiTaO3 are manufactured for industrial gas analysis, medical technology, flame detection, and process technology. As a premium product, pyroelectric detectors are manufactured with DLaTGS as the receiver material: In addition to their use in FTIR spectrometers, THz applications are gaining in importance.

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