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Si Avalanche Photodiodes

SAPDs are suitable for the spectral range from 260 nm to 1100 nm.

Silicon avalanche photodiodes are used in the wavelength range from the UV to the near infrared. LASER COMPONENTS manufactures different series: highest quality for demanding systems, over customized version to components made for consumer products. 

Since the foundation of LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group, Inc. in 2004 we have built a product range comprising high quality APDs as well as low cost versions. The active area of our Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes ranges from diameters of 230 µm to 3.0 mm. 

Applications. Depending on type and specifications APDs are used for rangefinding, speed measurements, laser radar, security scanners, spectroscopy, fluorescence measurement as well as test and measurements systems in industrial, military, and medical markets. The avalanche effect is most effective whenever there is not much light available.

Housing Options. The APDs are available in different TO-housings with certain options such as lens cap, integrated filter, with TEC, SMD housing, or just on ceramic submount. In addition to a wide range of standard products our strength clearly is in customer specific developments.

Fiber-coupled versions available. All APDs in a TO-46 housing are available fiber coupled on an optional basis.


  • Customized versions available
  • Choose the right version from the wide range of avalanche photodiodes



Si Avalanche Photodiodes

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SAE Series

Inexpensive APDs feature a very large gain and dynamic range. 

SAE SEries

The SAE series features an epitaxial structure and is available as red enhanced (i.e. optimized for visible wavelengths) or NIR enhanced (i.e. optimized for NIR wavelengths) version. These APDs are inexpensive and feature a very large gain and dynamic range. 

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SAHA Series

Low-cost APD in miniature SMD packages.

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SAHA Series

Low cost APDs in a miniature SMD packages. Responsitivity is optimized for 850 nm and 905 nm rangefinders. Optional, the SAHA series is also available with 905 nm bandpass filter.


  • made for high-volume range finders
  • bandpass filter increases detection rate


  • optimized for 850 nm and 950 nm
  • optional bandpass filter

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SAR Series

These APDs feature extremely low noise and low dark current.

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SAR Series


The SAR series is based on a reach-through structure with a high sensitivity across the entire spectral range from 400 nm to 1100 nm. At the same time, rise and fall times are extremely fast (typically 450 ps). These APDs feature extremely low noise low dark current.


  • fast and reliable detection results for maximum precision


  • extremely low noise dark current
  • sensitivity from 400 nm to 1100 nm
  • rise and fall time typ. 450 pcs

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SARP Series

APDs made for photon counting.

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SARP SEries

Specifically selected APDs can be used for photon counting in Geiger mode (VR > VBR), where a single photon triggers an avalanche impulse of approximately 108 charge carriers.

This APD is particularly suited for spectroscopy, fluorescence measurement, medical technology, and high end LiDAR applications.

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SARF Series

Avalanche Photodiode with integrated filter.

Si Avalanche Photodiodes - SARF Series

One of the most common applications of Si-APDs is rangefinding systems based on the time-of-flight method (LIDAR).

In the time-of-flight method, a 905 nm pulsed laser diode emits a laser pulse that reflects off an object and is focussed through an optic onto an APD chip. In order to achieve an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, an external band-pass filter that blocks the surrounding light has to be mounted in front of the APD or the optic.

In the SARF series, this filter comes already integrated into the TO housing.


  • Integrated bandpass filter for easy integration
  • Focusing guarantees best detection quality


  • optional: 905 nm filter integrated into TO-housing


about Avalanche Photodiodes

Semiconductor Materials

Similar to photomultipliers, avalanche photodiodes are used to detect extremely weak light intensities.

Si APDs are used in the wavelength range from 250 to 1100 nm, and InGaAs is used as semiconductor material in APDs for the wavelength range from 1100 to 1700 nm.

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Choosing the right APD is a complex issue. Many parameters have to be taken into account - including wavelength, active area, capacitance, rise time, dark current, temperature and the package. One parameter cannot be changed without affecting the others: they all form a network of complex dependencies.

Choosing the Right Material for Laser Range Finding

+ Silicon for consumer range finders. Choosing the right APD material is key, if you are looking for the best performance for laser range finding applications.

The detector material of the APD has great influence on range measurement reliability. Depending on the demands for maximal range, resolution and eye-saftey, designers have the choice between III-V compounds such as InGaAs- or Silicon-based APDs - both with their distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages.

For laser rangefinding, a 905 nm pulsed laser diode fits best. 


The Perfect Couple

905nm pulsed laser diode
Silicon avalanche photodiode

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