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Sheaumann Production High-Power Laser Diodes

Development and Production of High Power Laser Diodes

Sheaumann Laser, Inc. is an American semiconductor company that specializes in the development and production of high power laser diodes in the 785 nm to 1064 nm spectral range. The R&D team directed by Dr. Jim Hsieh has over 43 years of experience in this field.

At Sheaumann Laser, Inc., a company that is certified according to ISO 9001:2000, the entire production process – from the manufacture of laser diode chips with next generation MOCVD reactors to the housed component – is performed under one roof. For this reason, Sheaumann‘s products are the #1 choice for edge emitting high power laser diodes in the NIR range. They are assembled on C mounts and in TO and HHL housings, and they ensure top performance, quality, and reliability. These high power laser diodes find more and more application fields, such as:

  • Optical pumping of solid state lasers
  • Industrial material processing
  • Medical laser field
  • Graphic industry
  • Field of instrumentation

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