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New Partner: PicoLAS GmbH

State of the Art OEM Laser Diode and TEC Drivers


Laser Components Nordic is happy to announce the collaboration with PicoLAS GmbH.

PicoLAS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of OEM laser diode drivers and drivers for TECs. Their drivers are compact, efficient and reliable. Typical specifications range from extreme < 1 ns short pulses up to CW, from < 1 A up to 300 A and voltages of up to 120 V. The PicoLAS R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with our customers.

If your company is looking for professional, state of the art technology to drive your laser diodes, let us help. We take your laser diodes to their technical performance limits – no matter whether in ultra short pulse operation or CW.

Further product information:
Drive Electronics for High Power Laser Diodes

PicoLAS GmbH


Contact Person:    Svante Karlsson
Company:    Laser Components Nordic AB
Address:    Skars led 3
ZIP / City:    41263 Göteborg - Sweden
Phone:    +46 (0) 31 703 71 73
Fax:    +46 (0) 31 703 71 01

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