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The New PRONTO-250-PLUS from Gentec EO


New Additions to the PRONTO Family


Gentec-EO’s mobile PRONTO-250-PLUS laser power meter has what its name implies: a large PLUS on functions that is unique in this class of units.

This newly-introduced power meter complements the PRONTO series; however, compared to the “PRONTO-250” standard model, the measurement options have been expanded significantly:
The “PRONTO-250-PLUS” measures laser power levels between 0.2 W and a maximum of 8 W in cw mode without a time limit. The measurement value display, which has a resolution of 1 mW, updates automatically every 1.5 seconds. This truly facilitates adjustment work in the area of service. Furthermore, this device masters the so-called “single-shot” pulse energy measurement of individual pulses up to a maximum of 25 J and a maximum pulse duration of 88 ms.

Of course, short-term power measurement (i.e., a “brief snapshot” of the laser power level) is also possible up to a maximum of 250 W. The compact dimensions and the design are also identical to the standard model. Measurement accuracy and wavelength range do not exhibit any differences either.

The “PRONTO-250-PLUS” is generally delivered with a traceable calibration that is based on the NIST standard for wavelengths from 248 nm to 2.5 µm and 10.6 µm; therefore, it is also suited for CO2 lasers. Of course, each unit has an individual calibration certificate.

So, the next time you are looking for a compact laser power meter: How about a little more this time?


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