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Fiber Optic Sensor Assemblies

In sensor technology, both high-quality assembled glass fibers and inexpensive alternatives such as polymer optical fibers (POFs) are used. While POFs are only used for light/data transmission over short distances, fiber optic bundles can be used to implement complex sensor systems (e.g., for temperature and gas measurement systems and for the turbidity measurement of liquids). Together with our customers, we develop complex fiber optic sensor assemblies.

Assembled Optical Fiber Bundles

Optical fiber bundles for sensor applications consist of arranged fibers.

Fiber Optic Sensor Assemblies

Multiple fiber bundles separate or combine beams. For this purpose, fibers consisting of independent strands are combined with a splitter in a single cable. Up to several thousand fibers can be combined in a fiber bundle; thus, there is no limit to the active area/cross section.

Fiber bundles are used in many applications such as material processing, UV curing, photolithography, UV spectroscopy, sensor technology, analytics, UV illumination, and Raman spectroscopy.

OEM Production
Since fiber bundles are usually application-specific solutions, we offer a large variety of types and at the same time attach importance to rapid availability.

All standard fibers are available in different diameters and can be processed into fiber bundles in combination with standard connectors or special ferrules and arrays, both as prototypes and in series. For each of the following options, you have several choices:

  • Connectors (SMA, ST, SC, and custom connectors)
  • Fiber arrangement
  • Fiber diameter
  • Fiber lengths
  • Protective jacket
  • Fiber endface coating

In high-power applications, fiber bundles have seldom been able to establish themselves. Now there is a solution: In so-called fused fiber bundles, there is no longer any adhesive on the front endface or in unnecessary dead zones that would weaken the transmission. Fused fiber bundles thus qualify for use in high-power lasers, lamp transmissions, and high-temperature applications. Power can be transmitted equivalent to the damage threshold of the fiber material used – usually 1 GW/cm².

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