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InGaAs APD 1100 - 1700 nm

InGaAs avalanche photodiodes are used to detect light in the spectral range from 1100 nm to 1700 nm. They exhibit a significantly lower noise than germanium diodes.

InGaAs APD in TO-46 housing
InGaAs avalanche diode

InGaAs APDs 1100 - 1700 nm

These InGaAs avalanche photodiodes detect in the spectral range from 1100 nm to 1700 nm. IAG series APDs exhibit particularly high damage threshold values. Both come packaged in a TO-46 housing.

InGaAs APD 1100 - 1700 nm

InGaAs-APDs are suitable for the spectral range from 1100 nm to 1700 nm. Compared to germanium APDs, they feature a significantly improved noise ratio, a higher bandwidth in relation to the active area, and advantages resulting from the increased sensitivity of up to 1700 nm.

All APDs in a TO-46 housing are available fibre coupled on an optional basis.

IAG Series

The IAG series exhibits a high damage threshold of >200 kW/cm². The responsivity of the detector peaks at 1550 nm and the active area is available in diameters of 80 µm, 200 µm, and 350 µm.

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