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High Voltage Modules for APD

These inexpensive block modules can produce voltages up to 1000 V. These digital Bias Controllers are used, in particular, in APD and PMT operation.

dBC Series

High Voltage Modules for APD

With the inexpensive block modules from LASER COMPONENTS it is very easy to supply voltages up to several 1,000 V.

High Voltage Modules for APD

Many components such as photomultipliers, detectors, photon counters, and piezo actuators require up to several thousand volts to operate. With LASER COMPONENTS’ inexpensive block modules said volts can be reached quite easily.



Miniature high-voltage modules are particularly suitable for APDs and PIN photodiodes! The digital bias controller (dBC) series has three modules and achieves – even at dimensions of just 21 x 21 x 10 mm – an output power of up to 380 V!

ABC Series

In addition, with dimensions of only 40 x 40 x 13 mm the modules can be easily integrated into circuit boards. The modules contain a pulse generator working at a clock frequency of about 100 kHz and output ripples are only 25 mVss. The output voltage follows the input control voltage with a tolerance of 0.1%. The control voltage can be created externally or internally by connecting a potentiometer to the internal 5 V reference voltage. The input is surge protected.


Upon exceeding the maximum output voltage by a few percentages, the modules switch to a harmless constant current mode. Test outputs for output voltage and output current make monitoring easy.


HV Series

Two types of high voltage modules are available with different output voltages and currents: the HV1500-41 for 50 to 1500 V/1 mA and the HV3000-42 for 100 to 3000 V/0.4 mA. The modules require an operating voltage of 15 V and consume currents of 160 mA when fully loaded. They are available with positive or negative output voltage.


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